My name is Thomas O Connor. I am a farmer, business owner and representative of my community. I had consumed Cannabis/Marajuna for the last 15 years, until I was visited by the Guards who charged and prosecuted me for possession and cultivation.

I believe that as a free Irish man I have the right to grow and consume a plant and herb that has been cultivated by countless cultures for thousands of years. I believe I have the right to chose what food and herbs I consume to keep me healthy and happy. 

I believe there is no freedom, resilience or sustainability as long as nature is illegal. 

I want to share the reasons why I continued to consume cannabis for 15 years despite the fact it was illegal. On www.freemyweed.info  there is a collection of some of the information I have gathered over the years. It has given me a good perspective on the cannabis plant, its wonderful healing powers, its thousands of uses, its history and why it was made illegal. 

All of this has re-enforced my conviction to continue to stand up for my right to chose what I consume and to stand up for my basic human rights. 

Please show your support, learn more about the fantastic benefits of cannabis itself and the countless reasons to legalise and decriminalise its use. Then share with someone else.

Please sign and share with other like minded people.



Thomas O Connor

The Flower [Marijuana Prohibition]